Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Of boobs and Humpenagelfelderkirks...

I always have the radio on in the car. Two talk shows had me pondering stuff today. The AM one was talking about is it right for a man to look at a woman’s breasts? The answer is no but of course a man is going to look as he’s genetically inclined to so why bother asking the question I say? Then they brought up women who have breast implants to boost the size of their boobs and do those women have any right to complain if a man stares at them when technically they had enhanced them – usually to an extreme state – for them to be noticeable - so is a woman putting her boobs out there to be stared at? Really good question. The feminist in me says a woman can do what she bloody wants to her body and men need to get a grip. Would a man want people staring at his groin and trying to work out length? The other side of the coin is if a woman has implants to make herself look better she should expect men will stare at her overly fake breasts so deal with it. Hmmm…that’s a valid point too. My theory on boobs is they're essentially fatty tissue so ipso facto fat thighs, arses, arms and bellies should be given the same adoring stare by men as they do boobs.

The PM discussion…whether a woman should invest in a relationship with a man if he had a surname she didn’t like regardless how much she loved him. That is if she was viewing him as a potential husband but he had a weird surname like Humpenagelfelderkirk (apologies to Humpenagelfelderkirks out there) is she justified dumping him? A lot of woman called into the show and said that had ended relationships because of the man’s surname. My thoughts? People spend years looking for love. Some never find it. If you love someone enough to marry them and be with them for life but you hate their surname? Bloody use your own.


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