Sunday, 3 July 2011

Spot the handbag…

So, I was zoning out last night, pj clad, curled up on one of my armchairs watching some movie – I came into it towards the end - and the hero and heroine were running to or from something to get or get away from something. Anyway, the thing that interested me most was she was running with a handbag over her shoulder. Now, those who have actually met me know I always carry a handbag because inside that handbag is everything humanity will require to set up a new civilization if/when the world ends. People depend on me for that reason alone. The world has ended!! Where’s Amarinda’s handbag? So I did sort of understand why the heroine was running with the handbag because you never know when you need a nail file, a band aid or your address book. But in various scenes during her run, the handbag kept appearing and disappearing. I became engrossed in spot the handbag. I think I enjoyed the movie more because of the loss of continuity. We need more handbag spotting movies.


Sandra Cox said...

Oh me too. I love to watch things appear and disppear in movies.

As far as handbags, you and Amelia Peabody. Ever read that series?