Sunday, 17 July 2011

Here’s what I think…

...because I swapped a bottle of Midori for a pushbike any calories I may accrue in the next week should be negated due to this swap.

…reading the car manual before asking a man a stupid, dumb girl question about said car means I should be applauded for my ingenuity.

…sending a finished story off to a publisher entitles me to be a sloth at work for the rest of the week. No, they won’t know why and I don’t feel I need to explain.

…writing sex is hard work so just actually doing it makes more sense and to hell with the words…actions speak louder anyway.

…hair dye means you're not hiding grey hairs you’re just adding to the multi coloured effect and keeping B grade actresses in a job promoting it.

...and Monday is pukeable and it comes waaaay too fast. I’ll happily vote in any politician who swears on their mistress they’ll abolish it.


Sandra Cox said...

Clinging to a few hours left of Sunday....