Friday, 22 July 2011

Show and tell...

It was people’s day at the Carins Show and I had the day off work so I shucked off my good, professional clothes – more on that in a later blog – and yes, I can be both good and professional sometimes - and I donned my jeans and Betty Boop T-shirt and hauled my derriere to the show. My thoughts on the show…the weather was beautiful, I saw two of the most enormous, prize winning, cabbages on display – alas and alack the batteries carked it in my camera so I couldn’t take a picture of them but they were big bastards and well worth wondering things things why? What do you do with them? How much cabbage can one person eat...and there was so much fried, fatty food on sale that I swear I put on weight just walking past it. What else could you want in a day out?


Sandra Cox said...

Sounds absolutely perfect. I trust you had some chocolate:)