Monday, 4 July 2011

Writer prostitution…

Here’s an interesting discussion between erotica writers. Is it deemed better to write a load of books without plot that sell really well but get constant poor reviews or write books that sell ok or moderately well that people like?

So, if a book sells constantly well due to the genre – say ménage – do you ride that horse into the ground and over capitalize on the need women have to read it? How much is too much? Remember the MM craze? Everyone was writing it but it appears to have died in the arse…so to speak. Or do you think stuff it, I like ménage, it makes money and I will write it until the cows come home….never thought I’d put cows and ménage in a sentence…Is it greed verses need and speed?

Bad reviews? They’re based on opinion and the reviewer’s outlook on life. You can take 'em or leave 'em. But when you get multiple bad reviews on every book on a constant basis because every book you write sells really well based on the fact it’s got three, four, five people on each cover should you re-think your position? Is the cover selling your book or your story? Do you care? Should you care? Is it about the deep need to write verses the need for money? Are writer’s prostitutes writing whatever fantasy the client wants regardless of the cost?

So, write for profit or write because you love it and will readers actually know the difference? And writer prostitution? If you are selling yourself and your skills, is it anyone else’s business but your own?