Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Call me crazy…

 …but I don’t want to write porn with a dash of romance in it. Love is not porn. Oh sure, you can love porn in the fact that you may find it exciting but it’s still just body parts going in and out, up and down. That doesn't equate to romance. It uses another body part – the brain. That’s all about needs, feelings, strength, insecurity and belief in a kindred soul who you could probably live without but you don’t want to because you love them and being apart would be madness.

So, no thanks – I don’t want to change my style to write porn and fit in with those ‘romance writers’ who are nor do I want to fit a demographic of ‘edgy women’. And yes, personally, I’m edgy as all get out but demographically I fit me and my thoughts and if someone wants to read that – great. If not, I’ll still be edgy and me and writing what I want. To be successful in life you have to be yourself.   

Call me crazy but I like romance with my sex.