Thursday, 11 October 2012

Him. Me. Sex. Go....

My god, it’s hard to write sex at your desk at the day job when the phones keep ringing and people want to know stuff and all you really know at that moment is what he is doing to her on the word document before you. I find writing sex mechanical. You have to pay attention to where everyone's hands are and what they're thinking and feeling and if you had to do that in real life you'd never have sex because he should know where his hands are and she should - like any real woman - know what she's doing because sex is a feel-good no brainer. Him. Me. Sex. Go. I'm a doer not a writer nor am I one of those authors who wait for their 'muse' or their characters to talk to them. God damn it you're having sex - now go! Tell the muse to piss off and be all sensitive and validated somewhere else. 

I think you see my point. It’s valid to write sex at the day job because all work is equal and if you don’t get caught it’s all justified. And if you're dumb enough to get caught? Lie, burst into tears or fainting might be good. 

I rest my case.