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Accidentally in Love - All Romance Ebooks

Accidentally in Love - All Romance Ebooks

“Here’s the thing. I just want sex.” Amarette Flinders was not in the mood to pull punches. It had been a shit of a day and all she wanted to do was lose herself in something, be it alcohol, chocolate or a warm, male body. She tossed back the last sips of her glass of white wine and looked the man in the eyes. He was tall, dark and if not exactly handsome, there was a raw edge to him that made her stomach flutter in anticipation of what may be.
“Are you serious?” His eyebrow arched in surprise.
Yeah, she was. This was no accident. She had planned to come to this bar and find a man. For the first time in her life, she was about to pick up a stranger in a bar. Admittedly she hadn’t given it a lot of thought. This was more a spur of the moment to-hell-with-being-a-good-girl kind of thing and she needed that. Of late, she had been thinking too damn much and she was over it. Life was meant to be lived and not worried over or be pissed off at.
“Deadly serious. Interested?” She uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. Amarette was aware they were her best feature. Although they were pudgy they were long and a good shape. She hoped they would deflect from the orange highlighter pen stain on the front to her white work shirt that mixed badly with the coffee she had dribbled down the front earlier that day. It was hard to look sexy when you were inherently clumsy.
His dark brown eyes followed the line of her legs. “I’m waiting for the catch.”
Smart man. Not many women, unless they were dumb and desperate or working the room for the price of dinner, would throw themselves at a man. Color me a little of both. “There is none. I need. You want. Correct?”
“Well, yes.”
That he was interested made her feel not only better in herself but weirdly empowered like she was suddenly in control. This beat the hell out of the lack of control and careening off a cliff feeling she had been enduring. “It’s mutual sex without strings.” Amarette had never done that before. Normally she had to feel something for a man other than horny desperation. But damn it, I need this. There was no other man she could think of she wanted to be with. Besides, sex with a stranger she would never see again had a certain thrill to it. Added to that, he wasn’t the first man who approached her. She was needy, but she wasn’t dumb. Well, not totally dumb. While it was normally true that you couldn’t judge a book by its cover, Amarette had already repelled the usual slimy Lotharios and drunken backpackers who were looking to get laid. Maybe that sounded like double standards coming from a woman with a specific sexual agenda, but Amarette wasn’t particularly worried about being normal right at that moment.
“Can you do that?” He sounded skeptical.
“Yes.” She could do just about anything after enduring the month from hell in the office.


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