Saturday, 20 October 2012


So, the last manager at work resigned – actually he was pushed because he screwed up in monumentally, superbly stupid, inane, fuck-wit-ish ways and we have a new interim manager dude looking after the place until they get all their ducks in a row and employ someone else to oversee the circus known as our office. The interim-dude pulled me aside, shut the door and said ‘what’s with the bell on the wall?’ Well, if you have been following my blog/facebook on Quasimodo and his need to ring a bell or  have read Accidentally in Love, you’d know the guy who got sacked absolutely insisted on having a frigging bell he could ring in the office to generate excitement. No, he wasn't 6 years old… at least I’m pretty sure…anyway we had some knock-down-drag ‘em out fights over this bell. So, I explained the situation to interim-dude. He looked at me like I was mad, and that’s a fair call in many ways, however his basic line of thought is the bell is wrong, wrong, wrong and we’re all grown ups and this is not kindergarten. Correct.

So, riddle me this, why did it take over a year  before the corporate dudes, where interim-dude comes from, realize that the shit-fest that had become our office had become a dangerous, business situation? The answer? If you’re a man in business where other men are in charge, they look after their penises and other men’s penises and refuse to believe someone who has a penis can be as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Penises – very useful things in the right hands…that's why a woman need to be in charge. She knows how to direct a penis. 


anny cook said...

Dear me...having a difficult time explaining why I'm laughing to my current penis...:-)