Thursday, 1 November 2012

No more than four feet ladies…

So, I have explained to Laverne, Dulcie and Ursula, my three chooks, that it’s best all round – for me and them – that they do not try and jump/fly any higher than 4 feet off the ground. Why? I have 6 foot high fences. Are they likely to fly? Yes. They can if the mood takes them. Solution to this other than talking to them about the negative aspects of going over 4 feet? Clip their wings. I’m opposed to this on philosophical grounds. Clipping wings represents taking away freedom. Neville, one of my budgies, had his wings clipped. The woman did it when I bought him. I was horrified. I had to buy 2 long ladders for the budgie cage for him to get from top to bottom. He’s a great little climber and undoubtedly now has hard, muscular budgie thighs. But clipping chooks wings? I read a lot on the internet  about it at, I mean home...not only the whole chook civil liberties thing but if you clip chooks wings – they can’t escape from snakes or cats as they have no lift at all…and no, I’m not sure they would need personal ladders. Chooks - they're complex creatures.

So, I reckon discussing the 4 feet rule with the girls makes sense. They’re not stupid. They nodded their heads and I swear I heard one of them murmur ‘She’s very smart despite the fact she looks weird.’ Pets and the collaborative approach – try it today.  


anny cook said...

Keep us posted on how your collaborative approach works out!