Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Splendidly wretched…

So, I was slumped in my chair at work, head on my desk, bored as all get out and crying out to the universe ‘When will this wretched day end.’ Then I stopped, lifted my head and thought about the word wretched. You know, I don’t use that word enough. It’s a simply splendid sounding one – actually splendid is also a splendid word but back to wretched.

Why don’t we use wretched more? While I do enjoy the words pukeable and crapacious, wretched has the dire, desperate tone to it that makes you want to do mad, crazy things to break the wretched pukeability of boredom. I believe I will start to use it more. Can I ask that you consider the splendid alternate wonder of wretched when next you are have to announce the pukeability of your situation. I think you’ll like it…


adj. wretch·ed·er, wretch·ed·est

1. In a deplorable state of distress or misfortune; miserable: "the wretched prisoners huddling in the stinking cages" (George Orwell).
2. Characterized by or attended with misery or woe: a wretched life.
3. Of a poor or mean character; dismal: a wretched building.
4. Contemptible; despicable: wretched treatment of the patients.
5. Of very inferior quality: wretched prose.