Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tied naked to a bed and then...

So, I was talking to a friend about having sex while tied up.  You know – the whole bondage deal which to me always seems weird but whatever turns you on. They recalled a time when a certain person had done exactly that- tied themselves to a bed and waited for their lover to find them.  My question is this – what if you get on a four-poster bed, naked, tie your feet up and tie one hand and then use a slip knot to pull tight the last knot so you are totally vulnerable? What if you lover doesn’t show…for hours…days…What if you have to pee? What if you forget your spinster, Great Aunt Beryl was coming over for arvo tea with her cat Tibbles and those soggy sultana scones you always hated? What if you’re friends haven’t heard from you in days and the police break in? What if, you are lying there wondering all this and thinking why didn’t I have an escape plan?  Hmmm…gotta wonder if it's all worth it.


anny cook said...

Exactly! I've always wondered the exact same things! Sounds like it could get messy.