Sunday, 3 February 2013

The long and the short of it...

I was reading a thread on facebook and they – writers – you know – them folk -  were talking about the length of what other people write and how can some people write stories so fast? Are they short? Do they bother reading through them and fixing them up before submitting? Then there was the usual writer who brought up that others ‘churn out’ stories, inferring she of course wouldn't.

My response to all this? Look to your own writing. Pay attention to that and not what other people are writing. Some people may consider your wordy epics to be just that. You don’t like short? Don’t write short. You don’t care for long? Ditto. Who gives a crap what others are writing? Look at the chick who wrote that tedious, amateur, oh-god-when-does-this-book-finish Shades of Grey. She spun that out into three long books. Is it any good because it’s long? Personal opinion? No. And that’s it. Personal opinion. Concern yourself with your own writing.