Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bloody Zorco....

So, I’m on my second last final test or as I’m now thinking of this thing I’m doing – second last challenge of Zorco to grab the golden chalice, run across the burning bridge, as arrows fly by all the time avoiding the dragon trying to fry my arse. 

Second last thing? I had to do a medical test today to prove that I am human, female, healthy and I don’t know what else. To be honest, when I was trying to pee in the tiny cup they give you – which is damn near impossible, in my experience, to not pee on your hand – I thought to myself, thinking about the truly crapacious year I have been experiencing “Jeez, woman if this really worth it? What if you don’t pass these bloody Zorco challenges? What then?” Answer? Well, I’ll get by. Forge ahead. Be all that I can be because it occurred to me that I am pretty much damn near indestructible and if I don’t match up to the Zorco thing – no, I have no idea who Zorco is, it just seemed like a good name - then I will continue on, in my own sweetly determined way and something else will come up. So, I marched, pee container in hand and gave it to the nurse, assured in the knowledge that my hands were washed and I could do just about anything.

One test left. Bring it, Zorco…I'm waiting for ya.


anny cook said...

Yeah...that cup thing. I want a bigger cup. I can never hit the target. And I have to give the doc a sample every single damn time I see her!

Good Luck!