Sunday, 17 November 2013

Got hot?

So, pretty damn much on cue, the minute I turned 50 last week, not only did I become even more lovely, powerful, smart and attractive, but the dreaded hot flushes hit. Jeez frigging, Louise. Don’t we women put up with enough crap? Weight issues, periods, sore boobs, men who don’t realize how amazing we are, Tim Tams not on sale, clothes sizes we know should fit us but clearly the stupid manufacturer has labelled them incorrectly, excess lust, no lust, coffee deemed bad, chocolate not good for you, all this talk of being a goddess and empowerment despite the fact we have been empowered for years but hid it to make men feel better, leg shaving and stray facial hair - when all we really want is a sit down, have a chat and a bitch with our bestie while consuming empty calories - and now this sudden surge of pukeable heat that I’m thinking is the devil inducing me on to evil…not that I can’t find it without his help of course.

Women – we’re bloody amazing creatures who put up with a lot.