Monday, 25 November 2013

Ooh, fluffy rolled up eggs....

I walked back to the office, through the mechanics workshop – it’s hot, sweaty, grease filled with loud noises abounding and a myriad of obstacles to avoid falling over and down. I pushed open the door into the office and four of the mechanics – big, bouffy blokes – were oohing and ahhing over some sort of machine on the internet that makes eggs in a rolled up tube and getting all giddy as to what sort of fillings they would put inside the rolled up egg thingy. Now hey, I’m all for equality and for men cooking but it was kinda funny to see them all engrossed in fluffy eggs, swapping recipies and wondering how well the machine would wash up – and ‘oh, ooh! Do you think it would make a rolled up crepe that could be filled with cream?’ That had them all excited. I stepped inside, banged the door behind me, smiled and said ‘Hello boys.’ They scarpered from the office fast. Men. Funny, scared creatures. No wonder women are the stronger sex.