Thursday, 28 November 2013

Not fat, just swollen...

So, I went to the physio this arvo due to a pain near my knee. It has been hurting like hell when I slow down. If I keep moving I’m fine. Anyway I stripped down to my undies – always a delightful sight – and she turned my legs this way and that, remarked on my stunning flat feet, with me all the time thinking I probably should have shaved my legs but I’m a slack arse, and only swearing once when she twisted my left leg in a certain way and said ‘Did that hurt?’ Well yes - yes, I believe it did hence the reason I spoke in tongues to express my discomfort and sorry about the hands around your neck. Her thoughts? It appears that this is most likely due to a hard fall I had 5 months ago. I ignored the pain then because it happened in a crap period of my life when I was busy, busy, busy and stopping to acknowledge the pain wasn’t on the agenda because I was busy, busy, busy. She said ‘your knee’s swollen.’ I responded it was just fat. But no, it’s swollen. So, I’m thinking, ipso facto, any other body part of mine that’s fat is really swollen. It makes perfect sense to me. Please feel free to use that excuse too.

Upshot is I am not to run for two weeks. I can walk and box etc but not run. And she wants me to wear this tube thing on my knee when exercising to remind myself I’m not as invincible as I believe. I am actually invincible but I’ll humour her.