Saturday, 2 November 2013

Twiddle norps…

 I got up this morning, Saturday, with one thought on my mind. I had to fix something.  I said to myself ‘A twiddle norp will fix that.’ I went straight to the twiddle norp drawer in my kitchen and rummaged around until I found the exact twiddle norp to complete the doover-lackey I was trying to correct. I found, as expected, the exact twiddle norp in the rusk tin. The rusk tin is an ancient Jones family heirloom akin to  the Ark Indiana Jones sought out. Great wonders lie inside it. Everything can be found in that tin. It has never let me down. Harry Potter magic lies within it. I expect one day I will save the world with the wonders of twiddle norpery within that tin. Until then, I am the keeper of the twiddle norp tin.