Sunday, 9 November 2008

Oh hard...

Okay, so I got home and I unlocked the front screen security door but it wouldn’t open. That's ok - I expected that as due to the drought it had been sticking a lot with the timber frame expanding and contracting or doing whatever else it does. So I pulled and pulled and pulled again. Nothing. I pulled again. It refused to open. I may have kicked it somewhat with my Doc Marten’s and possibly I swore as I tried to wrestle it open. I know – how very unladylike of me – and all this only succeeded in the handle snapping half off in my hand and me nearly falling backwards down the steps. Well crap. So I was left with part of the broken handle to turn. Not easy as the edge that was left was really sharp and too small to turn. Two bleeding fingers later I said to myself – “Amarinda, go and get a bloody pair of pliers before you bleed all over the newly painted stairs.” Excellent idea Amarinda. I have always liked you. Anyway, I wandered back downstairs to the garage and found the pliers. I have many wondrous things in the garage-come-storage-basement-thingy-room. And yes – I am possum free at the moment. Don’t know what that’s about? Don’t ask – ‘still considering counseling after Mervina – the attack possum and Wayne – the dumb arsed possum. Anyway I got the pliers, a clean rag and a screwdriver and beat the crap out of the door until it opened. Ha! Toy with me door? I think not.

Allrighty then – I was now inside the house but the door was screen door was stuffed – technical term for non operational/broken thing that may or may not have been caused by a woman, heavy pliers and an influx of justifiable hormones. I unscrewed the rest of the handle as I plan to annoy hardware sales people tomorrow for a replacement handle thingy and they always ask – “what does it look like?’ Exhibit A – and I’ll show them the mangled handle…maybe someone else may not have mangled it as much as they pulled it off but then I’m not someone else. I’m me – Amarinda the mangler.

Now the only problem I have is I can get in from the outside using a screw driver as a handle but I cannot get outside as the door refuses to move even with the magical screwdriver…oh hard…off to eat Tim Tams and contemplate how many kicks to open the door from the inside and will I split the door frame in the effort?

Contest – an industrious a new publisher asked me plonk this on the blog. I am a great believer in asking and ye shall receive (as long as it suits me) so in the spirit of that – see below…contest ends 28 November – sounds like fun.

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Ready, set...tweet

Apologies to anyone wondering why I am not commenting on their blogs…the simple answer is Blogger won’t let me…probably karmic payback from no comments on this blog…or not…go figure karma….

Yay me! Finally got my Myspace page/ blog as I want them…I know – means stuff all to you but it has taken forever for me to find time to do it and I know you all understand the time thing – see -
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