Thursday, 20 November 2008

Thursday warblings....

I got a letter from the Hospital saying to come and pick up my ultrasound pictures that I had taken while I was in emergency recently. I remember wandering home, albeit drugged to the eyeballs, clutching these pictures. I then dragged them to the surgeon’s appointment and then on the actual day of the operation. I brought them home with me and they are ‘somewhere’ in the house. No, I’m not the most orderly person…creative people aren’t. Okay that’s a load off crap but that’s the excuse I am going with. So the pictures are here in Chez Amarinda…they will turn up….one day. They’re probably with the red and white socks I can’t find and my framed University degree which has been lost for a while….the socks I really miss. The degree…why did I do that again?

Anyway, I rang the hospital and said I already had the pictures. They said not possible as they had them. I said very much so possible. The admin person said are you coming in to pick them up? I advised I was not. What the hell am I going to do with them? Scrapbook ‘em? I said no thanks as one set was enough for me. I then got the lecture - but they are important. This is the medical history of the state of your gall bladder. What if something that this happens again and you have no record of it? Hmmm…well – A – I already have the pictures and - B - I no longer have the gall bladder so why would I need the pictures of it? Not like I am going to frame it or show people am I? She wasn’t happy but so many people in life aren’t and there is not a great deal I can do about that and officious lectures don’t work with me.

I do actually know where the x-ray of my big broken toe is though. That is a beauty of a pic. I did an excellent job in nearly cutting that sucker off completely. Now that is something worth keeping. How did I nearly cut my toe off? Long story but it has a lot to do with me believing I am invincible. Hoping you are the same….
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