Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Good news…bad news…

Good news is my scarlet python Doc Martens arrived! They are most lovely. Bad news is it’s too frigging hot to wear them…bummer.

Good news is Flower Power by Sandra Cox is out today. Click on the cover to buy.

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.—Chinese Proverb

Through the ages flowers have delighted and empowered us. Shakespeare talks about the sweet smell of roses. The Koran tells us that flowers feed the spirit, while Henry Beecher thought they were the sweetest things God ever made without a soul.

And who could forget the flower children of the sixties with their message of love and peace or the mysticism of oil and incense?

We pay tribute to births and deaths with sprays of these delicate beauties. A bride carries flowers down the aisle and, at the wedding reception, tosses the bouquet, a symbol of eternal love, for someone to catch.

We embroider them on our hand towels. We add them to our lotions and perfumes. We press a rose from a loved one between the pages of a book. We dry lavender from a garden so we’ll have its sweet scent in the dead of winter.

Flowers boost our emotions. Wouldn’t Mondays be easier to deal with if someone sent us a bright, scented floral bouquet to set on our desk?

Besides their intrinsic appeal, they are valued by the homeopathic community for their healing qualities. They are used for purification and rituals.

Myths and legends abound around the eternal flower.

In Flower Power, you will discover the wonders and uses of flowers such as gardens, aromatherapy, edibles, crafts, their personal language and the carnivores of the plant kingdom.

Bad news? Did I mention it’s too pukeably hot to wear my scarlet pythons?
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Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for flogging, mate.
Love those boots.