Monday, 16 November 2009

I have this belief…

…that the most powerful person in a room is the one you don’t notice straight away. They’re usually quietly observing everyone, taking mental notes and sussing out each person. These people are generally average to look at and there’s nothing flashy about the way they dress but when they open their mouths to speak – oh man – look out. They are the most eloquent and fascinating people. And smart? Oh yeah. They use they’re so called ‘average’ looks almost in a chameleon way. You never know what will happen next. These people fascinate me.

Look at Mona. She’s not conventionally beautiful and yet we have been captivated by her for years. What is she thinking behind those eyes and that half smile?

You can have all the beauty in the world but smarts and quick thinking kicks beauty’s arse every time. So, if someone indicates you’re not beautiful take it as a compliment. You have more power than you imagine. Watch, look, listen and learn then when people least expect it make your move. That’s true power.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

Well said!

anny cook said...

Always watch the quiet ones.