Friday, 13 November 2009

The last tattoo...

Hallelujah and pass the gin…it’s Friday and I have the day off. Woo-hoo. The plan Stan is to do a lot of stuff in a short period …busy, busy, busy. And – its tattoo day – the last one…upper right arm – dramatic blood red rose with twirly black bits – all very gothic. I like twirly bits. I am scheduled to be inked after the zombie. I may turn up a bit early to watch the zombie being done. I feel that’s something you shouldn’t miss. And yes, this is the last tatt. Four is enough – mainly ‘cause there is nowhere else I want another one. Though, helpful friends have suggested one on my arse or on a boob. I don’t think areas that sag are conducive to me crazy but it’s just a theory I have. Gravity is a bitch. What will I do next? ’Not sure but those who know me have total faith in the fact that it will be a head shaking event. Keep ‘em guessing is my motto.
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Anny Cook said...

Best wishes with the tatt!