Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I’m off to annoy the natives….

…in one of the northern offices today. I’m going to Townsville – Far North Queensland – FNQ to Aussies as it’s easier to say – for two days. Townsville is about 2 hours away by plane from Brizzie and it’s a tropical city bordered by rainforest and the Reef…Barrier that is. I’m staying at the Casino there – see the pool? That’s where I plan to be outside work hours…me and a margarita or seven.

While I talk to my northern colleagues all the time on the phone, it will be good to meet them. It also gives them a chance to talk to me about stuff I do – face to face – with no holds barred. I like that and management should get out and about and be accessible. I plan to annoy the folks in the Cairns office soon.

I’m taking the credit management road show up there. It’s not a popular program. I don’t think Hollywood would ever make it into a movie. I have a powerpoint presentation and flow charts someone made up for me. Puke – flow charts. What insane mind came up with them? I only have them in case a flow chart devotee begs to see them in order to understand something – otherwise they’re not coming out and will be eventually be filed under ‘b’ for bin. The powerpoint presentation? Well, I was just going to go up there and give my usual rambling, informal style talk about debt and stuff. But, some efficient soul put all my haphazard notes into a powerpoint presentation to make me look more professional and not the half arsed chatter that I am. Good luck with that I say.

So – here I come Townsville…you can run but you can’t hide.
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Sandra Cox said...

Uh, well, have fun with the flow charts and power points. Why not stick in one of your book trailers that should wake 'em up...The Casino looks great!