Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just one thing?

Another person who writes stuff said to me ‘…but you have to admit that being a writer is the most is important thing in your life.’

Ah no…it’s not and it would be sad if it was. How can anyone be just one thing when people are compromised of so many characteristics, needs, wants and should be open to the infinite possibilities that are presented to us all? Why limit yourself to clinging to being tagged as one thing? I don’t get that. Everyone I know is more than more than one thing. Besides like any business, writing is fickle – you suck, you don’t suck, you sell, you don’t sell. What happens when your world is so wrapped up in your declaration of being only one thing? What if that one thing fails you? Are you a failure? No, of course not because you’re way more than what you may have labeled yourself.

Who are you? You’re anything you want to be so don’t slap a ticket on yourself and refuse to budge. And important things in life? I have to say writing is not in my top 5 list. Think about your list.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

Woot. Woot. You're right. There's a whole large world out there.
But I got to admit, writing is in my top five.