Monday, 1 March 2010

Casual sex…

That’s the thing. Can sex be casual? I was watching this doco on TV and they were talking about how more women are getting into casual sex. As always there were two opposing views. One group said it was great and empowering and as long as the woman was careful and protected herself then she could do what she wanted. Okay, I agree with that. The other side said no, it wasn’t possible for a woman to have casual sex unless she really hated the man and knew in her heart she could have no connection with him whatsoever. It was their contention that women really wanted happy ever after and sex leads to that. Uh huh

My two cents…I have to say since starting this writing gig 4 years ago, I have seen a significant change in what women want in sex. How do I know? Feedback from readers and reviewers. The hotter the sex the more the book sells. Yes, yes, yes, of course romance writing is all about ‘the journey’…is that not one of the most over-used phrases in the world? It’s not about money. Yeah right. And how many of us openly admit to changing direction and writing dirtier, more wildly graphic, no holds barred stories that are bad, naughty and nothing a good girl would write let alone know about? Very few. Most romance writers that I know will tell you it’s not about the sex at all. It’s about two (three, four, five) people falling in love. Yep, sure, but 9 times out of 10 wild off the wall sex will get them to the whole declaration of love to tie the story up neatly. And seriously aren’t people writing about multiple lovers for the titillation factor and their own economic benefit?

And then there are those ‘happy for now’ books that are making a huge resurgence. Once upon a time a woman went on ‘a journey’, fell in love and then it was ‘the end.’ Now, we have books where a woman has great sex, she’s not looking for a happy ending and her latest lover will do her for the moment. This trend in itself indicates women want way more than the vanilla-journey sex. It also indicates casual sex is of more interest than some will admit to or allow.

Casual sex…it’s what makes the romance writing industry thrive.
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Sandra Cox said...

In theory, I have no problems with casual sex, but in today's society, its like playing Russian Roulette, you run the risk of Aids, hepatitis and there's always the possibility of pregnancy unless you're sterile. I think people need to take a long hard look before jumping in bed with a stranger. Just my 1/2cent:)