Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I was wandering through stock photos looking for certain images for my series of Penn Halligan – I’m not bad, it’s just my thoughts that are – books and I came across these two images.

I absolutely defy any real woman to put on spiked heels, lie on her stomach and aim said spiked heel directly into the back of a g-string without pulling a hamstring or shoving that heel somewhere it shouldn’t go. And who the hell would even find this sexy? How is it sexy? The only time I’ve shoved my heel in my knickers was when I’ve been in a rush to dress and get somewhere.

And speaking of men – what is it with this photo? Oh sure, it may be as artistic as all get out but where is the rest of the woman or is this some growth attached to his groin or is it some new do-it-yourself sexual gratification handset you can purchase for $19.95 with a free bottle of lube thrown in?

Ain’t it funny what people think is sexy.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

well, I do like the multi colored fingernails.