Monday, 15 March 2010

Catching hell…

Do As I Say comes out at the end of March. It has been pointed out to me that I could ‘catch hell’ for it. Maybe. Possibly. Why that warning to me? Well, no condoms are used in the book. Yes, yes, safe sex is imperative in real life. There is no question of that. But I also know readers are not silly enough to believe what happens in a romance story is real life nor a real life recommendation.

I’ve actually taken on advice from readers about the whole use of latex. One of top 5 questions from readers to me in emails is ‘why so many condoms in your books?’ Well, I believe in safe sex so that’s the reason. Several readers responded that they did too but they knew romance stories were fantasy and not real life so the need for fictitious characters to use condoms was not important. Interesting point. So I have been thinking on that some and decided with the detour to Penn Halligan – a wilder, raunchier side of me – I would go condomless because those readers are right. They’re not silly. They know real life from fantasy.

So, there it is. Will I catch hell? I expect so but I have caught hell before and pitched it back so I’m not too worried and writing wild is fun.
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Sandra Cox said...

great video. good job, mate.