Thursday, 25 March 2010

Berengaria's back on the blog...

Hi everyone

The last time Amarinda invited me here to play I was hoping to hear back about my book “Intensity”, and I shared an excerpt from it. (You can scroll back to 4 January if you want to reread a scene with Keziah, Amos and Wesley in a hot tub.) I am thrilled to tell you that “Intensity” will be coming from Siren BookStrand in June.

Since then I have also contracted another MMF contemporary ménage with Whiskey Creek Torrid, “Huldah’s Two Hikers”.

Huldah is a tall woman whose hobby is hiking. She belongs to a Hiking Club and enjoys their walks. She loves the casual companionship, the solitude while walking, and the outdoors. She arranges time off work to do a physically demanding three-day hike for experienced walkers with her club. On arriving at the departure point, Huldah is surprised that only Derek and Corey, two very yummy men, are doing the trail.
For Huldah completing this walk is the challenge. But for Derek and Corey the challenge is to conquer Huldah’s independent spirit and to tie her to them. Outdoor sex seems to be a good place to start.

Huldah’s Two Hikers by Berengaria Brown. Coming soon from Whiskey Creek Torrid. Unedited excerpt © Berengaria Brown 2010.

When they rounded the last bend and saw her sitting nonchalantly on the rock, Corey laughed.
“What an actress. You did that deliberately didn’t you?”
“You damn idiot. Don’t you realize you could have broken your neck rushing down that path? Woman, you’re driving me mad,” yelled Derek grabbing her shoulders and hauling her to her feet.
Then his lips crashed on hers in a passionate medley of lust and frustration. He pulled her tight against his body grinding his cock into her pelvis letting her know just how aroused he was.
His lips still locked to hers he unsnapped her jeans and wrenched the zipper down, then did the same with his own.
Corey dropped his pack and rummaged in the side pocket for condoms handing one to Derek and quickly releasing his own cock and rolling the latex down it.
Derek backed Huldah over to a nearby tree, pushed her against it, and lifted her legs up around his waist. “Gods I can’t wait to have you,” he whispered, and slid into her hungry hot cunt.
Huldah sighed at the feeling of fullness. She knew Derek was only angry from fear and concern and she accepted his need for her with no foreplay. Besides, the minute she saw them she was wet for them. Somehow just seeing that look in his eyes was enough to make her belly clench with need and her cream drip from her pussy.
Then Corey was behind Derek, squirting lube into his ass and scissoring his fingers inside the other man’s hole. Huldah’s breath caught at the raw passion of Corey’s movements and she knew Corey understood what had motivated Derek, too. This was Corey’s way of soothing Derek’s anguish.
Very quickly Derek’s ass was prepared and Corey pushed inside him. Then together the two men fucked. Huldah rested her long legs higher on Derek’s hips and managed to dig her ankles into Corey’s back, thus uniting the three of them and enabling her to feel every rippling muscle in both men.



Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you for inviting me to your blog Amarinda. "Huldah's Two Hikers" now has a release date! It will be coming from Whiskey Creek Torrid in June!