Monday, 22 March 2010

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Last year I saw a great flight special to Darwin so I thought I’m going to nab that and go check out the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory. So that’s where I am for the week…checking out the Never Never. Where is Darwin? It’s about 3.5 hours by plane from where I live in Brizzie. What’s in Darwin other than myself? Click here and here

And no, the blog won’t be empty so wander on by and check it out. This is what you can look forward to while I’m away…

Handling Gwen by Allure Van Sanshuge warning – this is an adult except. Click on the cover to buy…
The excerpt…

“Look at you,” she taunted. “Straining against your underwear—boxers maybe?” When he nodded she laughed and began to stroke him. “With just a little work, I can make your cock fall through the hole. Then you’ll be one layer closer to feeling your shaft against my soft hand. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Mr. Pierce?”
Hell, yes! “No,” he grunted instead, wanting her to push things further.
He wasn’t disappointed.
“You’re a liar!” She laughed, and he heard the rustle of fabric.
Yes! Knowing the pussy he needed so badly would soon be his made his dick throb. She’d lift her skirt, take his cock out of his pants and mount him right there against the chalkboard.
Taking a deep breath through his nostrils, he leaned his head back, waiting.
Click, click!
What the fuck?
His eyes popped open, focusing first on Gwen’s face and next on the phone she'd just used to snap photos of him. Explicit photos . . . the kind he wouldn’t be able to explain to the school board.
Her lips were parted, and her tongue was millimeters away from his chin. He had practically posed for the picture with his head leaned back and his eyes blissfully closed.
“You bitch,” he sneered, and made a grab for the phone. But her hand on his cock tightened painfully.
“You try to stop this and I push ‘send-to-all’. You try to take my phone I’ll get twitchy and push the button.”
The moist tip of her tongue traced up from his chin to his bottom lip where she lapped over the swell. “I think you understand me, don’t you, Mr. Pierce?”
Well, so much for making it hard for her. She had blackmail now and if he didn’t want the picture sent out to all her schoolmates, he'd have to play Gwen’s bitch boy.
For the moment.
Already there were retributive thoughts running through his head he promised to implement later. For now, he’d make sure little Gwen got the fucking of a lifetime, just in case this was his only opportunity.
“I understand you, Gwen.”
“Good, now get on your knees.”
He nearly choked. “What?”
“I don’t want to keep repeating myself. I said get on your knees.”
Glaring at her, he lowered to his knees. She maneuvered his chair close and propped one of her legs up on the seat. Her plaid skirt lifted, glancing off her tanned flesh and showing him the soft pink petals of her sex. The smell of her arousal wafted like a home-cooked meal to a starving man and he was oh-so-ready to dine.
“As I was saying, Mr. Pierce, I will tell you what I want once. If I have to tell you a second time, I push send.”
“Gwen,” he feebly protested, “I don’t think now is the time to—”
“Are you testing me?!”
Shit. Hastily, he shook his head.
“Then shut up and eat my pussy.”
Fuck! Her sharp command sent a shiver of happy down to his pants, tightening his erection to its full. He wasn’t usually the kind of man who liked to give over control. He was a dominator, taking what he wanted or manipulating until what he wanted fell in his lap.
Perhaps this time his technique was a little too effective. Instead of pushing her to perform acts he couldn’t initiate, he gave her the opportunity to take over and turn the situation into The Gwen Show.
“Now!” she demanded. She grabbed the back of his head and shoved his mouth directly onto her soaked cunt.

Allure Van Sanz


AllureVanSanz said...


You're a doll for posting this promotion for me on your blog. I truly appreciate the support and hope you and your readers enjoy the excerpt.

I'm a big fan of taking an erotic cliche and spicing it up. I hope this will be the first of many I have the opportunity to do and yes, I'll take requests.

I was looking around at your long list of accomplishments on your website. Good on ya! You'll have to let me do an interview, if only to let me know what you're up to lately!

All my best,

Amarinda Jones said...

have been called many things but not a doll...but I enjoyed doing it and you helped me out mate. And yeah no worries on the interview