Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I was at the lights turning right onto Rode Road…yes, in Brisbane, we have a road called Rode (rodee)…anyway the car in front of me had a big sticker on the back windscreen – “Terminator on Board. Approach at your own risk.” It was written in fake dripping blood, gothic script. Yeah, uh huh…a canary yellow, beat up 1970’s era car that looked like an overgrown sewing machine on wheels. I was trembling in my Doc Martens. The light changed. I waited for the terminator to move – because I was terrified to approach too close – and the terminator stalled his car. I don’t know…the whole thing lost the glamour for me then…more so when he managed to get the car started and he waved back at me. But, attitude is everything I guess.
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