Friday, 5 March 2010

It’s all about friction…

I asked a really smart male friend, who always gives an honest opinion, about sex. It’s his forte and I feel you’re never too old to learn stuff. I also believe when you find a man who believes in giving you the unvarnished, unromantic truth then take it and learn from it.

So I asked him what men really think about having sex in water…specifically a pool. The pool thing came about as I was swimming yesterday arvo and I was thinking about a story set at a pool and the doability of sex in a pool came up. No, I’ve never had sex in a pool so I thought I’d ask the master at all things sexual. Its good having someone you can ask dumb questions.

His answer? It’s all about friction, baby. Well, yes, of course. But water and friction don’t work well in this scenario. He explained it in the most graphic terms. Hmmm, I see. Needless to say, I will not be writing pool sex now…or any water sex… as even if I wanted to the extra squishy-ness factor has completely turned me off. And, despite his sweet offer, I’ll pass on trying it this time.

So ask stuff…people will always tell you…and airplane/loo sex…not comfortable…yeah I asked about that too. If you don’t
ask you don’t get.

And yeah – these two pictures are my latest covers. I love ‘em.
Be an Amarinda book