Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Timely reminders…

When I got home from work I found a letter from the Breast Screen Queensland reminding me I had to go again once more to have my boobs squashed flat. For a split second I was ready to go into whining mode at the thought of a mammogram but then I stopped. Last time it had been a production. I had lumps and I had to have all these additional tests and have strangers prod and poke my boobs - but I also remember the one young lady who sat and cried after her test. My test was okay but I’ll never forget the devastation on her face. Yeah, mammograms are a pain in the arse – well, the boobs – but what is a moment of pain when it comes to your health?

If you have never had a mammogram – go – get it done. Don’t mess with your health. Take care of it.
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