Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Who Dares Sins…

So, my Penn Halligan – my alter ego – book got a contract on Who Dares Sins. I’m quite pleased with that for a lot of Scorpionic reasons. Never ever tell a Scorpio they can’t so something because they will not only do it but remember you said they couldn’t. If you’re a Scorp you’re nodding your head ‘cause you know. Never challenge us.

Who Dares Sins is about two people who meet inadvertently through work. And no, god no, it’s not about anyone I know so calm down if you’re thinking it’s you. It’s all about me. Okay? Real life makes the best reading doesn’t it? The blurb – sorta, kinda finished or will be when I have my fifth coffee…

Two strangers meet in a hotel. The wild urge to touch and taste overwhelms them. Neither is worried about the consequences. Both want one thing. Wild, hot sex with a stranger. There’s only the here and the now. Having sex purely because they can is their objective. How can that be wrong?

But it’s very wrong for Lucinda McElroy when she find out the man she is supposed to outwit in business has seen her naked and crying out in need for his cock. Her credibility is shot to hell. Simon Prince isn’t worried about that. What started out as a sexy romp with a lusty lady has turned into a mission. He’s not going to allow Lucinda to deny that attraction between them. Fucking over the opposition takes on a whole new meaning.

Have I mentioned sin is good? I like it. Try some today.
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