Thursday, 11 February 2010

Why don’t we see more naked men?

A friend and I were discussing stuff and the talk came around to naked men. It started off about books then flowers…wandered over to the weather…flitted onto psychopaths we know then we ended up discussing the fact that you don’t see a lot of naked men around. Standard chat for female friends. Now - I’m not talking about flashers. No subtly or imagination required there and really they ask for the ‘seriously is that the best you can do?’ comments they get.

My friend’s observation - “Yeah why are half naked women used to sell stuff when statistics show it is actually women who do most of the shopping? Naked men would sell more stuff.” Exactly. See the man in this picture above? If he was advertising baked beans, which I loathe, I would buy them on that picture alone. So – where have all the naked men gone? I demand my right as a consumer to be dazzled by male beauty and buy useless crap.
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