Wednesday, 3 February 2010

They’re feral Beryl…

Ever felt as welcome as the clap? That’s how I felt yesterday when I walked into an office. I could not wait to leave. There was bad ju-ju in the air and just being there infected my mood. I now understand completely why everyone is so cranky in that office. It’s not tight knicker elastic as I suspected it might be. It’s mass discontent feeding upon itself. It’s feral Beryl.
I got back to the Casino where I’m staying and immediately got changed and threw myself into the pool to break whatever horrible bad ju-ju had infected me. I have to go back there today. I’m a never say die girl.

But Townsville is a beaut city and if you’re contemplating a trip down under then consider putting this tropical city of your agenda.

Amarinda…on the road...


Sandra Cox said...

'bad ju-ju' love that description.