Tuesday, 26 April 2011

After a fast weekend away visiting family…

This is what I know…

- Life is short – do what you want, say what you mean and be with whoever you want regardless of consequences.
- looks are deceptive – a small, sewing machine of a car can be raced like a formula one car through the chicanes when you’re trying to meet a deadline
- Americans – god love ‘em – are frigging loud in a confined space
- telling an American they are frigging loud confuses the hell out of them but damn they’re polite.

- Flight attendants don’t have to be attractive, just thin and be able to say the same thing over and over again.
- the security dude at Brisbane airport who searched me had no sense of humour which is funny considering I was the one getting searched.
- people driving emblazoned church/Christian school vans believe that gives them the right to speed alarmingly. I say it gives them the right to crash and their god will not necessarily save them from a ticket or a messy death
-old age is a bitch. I have a reminder on my calendar to die before that
- hotels beds are modeled on equipment from the Spanish inquisition
- I’m doing pretty okay considering my ratbag ideas
- while nipples on a cover are perceived as bad there’s apparently no reason for a man to be between a woman’s legs. Get rid of him and you’re suddenly acceptable…I don’t wanna’ be acceptable
- there is no place like home


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Okay, so why are we frigging loud in a small space. I admit confused:)