Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spak out…

Angry emails from colleagues at work are always enjoyable. I have to admit I enjoy it when someone loses the plot and spaks out and sends a ‘are you taking the piss????’ email to fellow co-workers. We had one at work. Let’s call her, Gwendolyn, typed out a furious email that was fueled by hormones and tight knickers and indicated in not the slightest bit polite terms that we were all stupid and trying to drive her mad. Ah - so she worked out our fiendish plot and one would suggest after reading Gwendolyn’s spak out that the ‘drive’ would be a short one.

Here’s what I think – yep, I absolutely agree you should say what you think about things. Nothing ever gets changed until you do – but for god sake, take two, long deep breaths and refrain from swearing in emails to and at colleagues as that’s something no one forgets at work is it?

Loose translations -
Taking the piss = joking around
Spak = sudden anger


anny cook said...

Always good advice...particularly at work.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Good advice

Sandra Cox said...

Oh, yeah....that one can come back to bite you big time.