Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sinn Fell…

So, I got this email from a reader/writer who had purchased a copy of Berengaria Brown’s story “Four-Way Split.” She asked who the editor Sinn Fell was. See? Only writers would read all the tiny print and sus out things like cover artists, editors, copyrights and how many numbers are in an ISBN. Normal people just read the actual story.

Anyway, Sinn Fell – no, not her real name, she’s a chick who emailed me on Amarinda mail and suggested if I was wandering off into the mad world of publishing with Scarlet Harlot Publishing she was the right editor for me. How so? Well, she pointed out she liked sex, drank, smoke, hardly slept and enjoyed tying up men in knots and she figured after reading my books and my blog we would get along and that I should take a chance on her as she had just finished her Uni degree in English lit and was looking for experience. Hmmm…a couple of things came to mind at her offer…I don’t smoke, erotica is not lit – more clit and this was a woman who sounded like she wasn’t lacking in 'experience'. So, we came to an agreement and Sinn Fell joined me at the Harlot.

As for the picture? Every time I get an email from Ms Fell, I picture someone like this. Welcome aboard, Sinn