Friday, 29 April 2011

Say what?

The things I heard today…

*At Stockland Shopping Centre, Cairns – one women to another about the royal wedding –

“Well, at least after the wedding she can get fat and not shave her legs.”

Ah, so that’s what marriage is all about.

*When I dropped by to say a quick hello at a very busy friend’s workplace -

“Yes I am busy but come in, sit down and I’ll ignore you.”

My response - “Just what a woman wants to hear.” Lucky I’m fond of him…

*At work, Friday arvo just before a long weekend when only 2 of us were left in the office with 20 mins before closing –

“Fuck it, let’s go now.” We went. I’m not silly.

My 76 year old father’s view on what the Kate – oops ‘Catherine’ Middleton will wear on the big day –

“A bikini would look nice.”

Hmmm…I don’t think so

Hoping you are the same….


Sandra Cox said...

Great quotes to choose from. I especially like the approach to Friday p.m.:)