Tuesday, 5 April 2011

They're everywhere....

I got in trouble on facebook for showing the cover of Sinner. Why? Her nipple was clearly visible…apparently we can forget the fact that a man is between her legs…er…looking for maybe his car keys…it was the nipple that caused a spak out with facebook. Yes, I respect they have rules about nudity. But this is a nipple. Lift up your shirt. Most of us have them. They’re not new or obscene and I expect future generations will continue to have them. I think what interests me most is as a society a large percentage of people want to read the forbidden and be titillated – pardon the pun – by all things erotic – but for god sake – don’t put it on a cover! It has to be hidden behind a generic photo of a hero and heroine in the standard romantic clinch. Isn’t it far better to have a cover, like Sinner, which other than the ‘terrible’ nipple is the standard clinch photo, that is actually honest and reflects what the story is like inside? Or do we hide behind what is proper because others say so? And is a nipple less a nipple when covered by a sheer layer of fabric? Or does advertising or Hollywood sanitize nipples?