Thursday, 28 April 2011

Playing devil’s advocate…

An erotic romance writer was recently outed by journalistic pond scum looking for a story. So they targeted this person and announced that she wrote erotica. This then of course stirred up narrow minded hillbilly nongheads in her community who were ‘shocked’ and ‘horrified’ that someone they knew was creative enough to have the gumption to get out there and write something that others enjoyed reading. Utter wankers.

And yes – correct - what someone writes or what name they write under is no ones business. They should be free to do it. And how can their words possibly, in the slightest way, taint another? That person, despite the use of a pen name, is still the same person she was before she was outed as writing erotica. They’re only writing what others are thinking or fantasizing.

Now, the other side of the coin – while I absolutely do not agree with what these idiots did by outing this writer, I also have to point out this - if you write erotica under a pen name there’s a bloody good chance that one day you’ll be outed. Yes, you should be able to write what you want without fear of what your family or authority figures think but life just isn’t that simple. Romance writing, despite the title of ‘romance’ is not a pretty business. It’s tough, bitchy and controversial. Journalistic pond scum would feed on that. I’m not shocked by what happened and I can’t pretend to be no matter how many emails are sent to me telling me I should be outraged.

Bottom line to me? Let it only be known to a few trial-by-fire close friends what your pen name is if you fear exposure. No, it’s not fair but life isn’t is it? And, if you write under an assumed name? Consider what might happen if you do get outed like this writer. And no, you don't have to agree with me...that's what free speech and the ability to write is all about. And telling me to be outraged because everyone else is? Not on, sunshine.


Eden Glenn said...

Hi Amarinda. I agree with you completely. My pen name is a jealously guarded secret. I think about that time when I might get outted. lol. I hope I have 7 books on the back list when it happens.

I think that it brings up an important consideration. If you write erotica you have to be ready to own it and be proud of what you have written. If outted I would hope that I could, even if my words were taken out of context, hold my head up and "own" what I have written!

Thanks for the blog.

Sandra Cox said...

She must be good at her day job as long as she's held it but as mentioned before the publicity could most definitely work in her favor. I trust it will.