Sunday, 14 August 2011

Random thoughts # 34098….

Do happy endings really exist or are they a greeting card company plot to make us feel bad if we’re not in a relationship?

And what the hell is a relationship? You either love – hate – lust – loathe – or are bored shitless by someone so why just plonk all those emotions under one pathetic banner? Call it what it is I say.

Do we read erotic romance for the sex or the romance? Hmmm?

I know that if one of the pumped up–bouffanted heroes off a romance novel appeared shirtless or in a kilt or pretending to be a werewolf at my door I would laugh my arse off and give him $50 to get a taxi to the airport.

Real men – flaws and all – can’t beat ‘em…some times you wish you could but beating’s against the law.

Hoping you are the same…..


anny cook said...


Sandra Cox said...

Hmmm, I might have to invite him in. Just for esthetics mind you:)