Monday, 17 October 2011

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Incest stories sell...

One of the biggest sellers in that gray area between erotic romance and soft pornography, is incest stories. And incest stories sell. Bigtime. The top-selling authors writing these stories are making a very good income. The titles often include the word “Daddy”. Daddy’s little virgin or schoolgirl or best friend or even slut. Of course, he’s not her biological father, he’s just a considerably older man fulfilling his fantasies with a barely legal young woman.

And although this is a male fantasy, women read these stories too. Is it because they are pushing the boundaries? Deliciously naughty? Is it because there are so few real taboos left in the erotic romance genre? Or is it the knowledge that although the man is fantasizing about the young woman she’s not his daughter and not underage - he’s just able to pretend she is?
But what’s in it for the woman? What is the attraction for her in a man easily old enough to be her father? Unless he’s very rich of course. But being from such different generations their lifestyles and traditions would be very different. What would they talk about after sex? What does he think when she lies in bed tweeting about their sex as he’s exhausted and ready for a long nap?

I’ve never written anything like these stories, but the idea of them has me walking the line between fascination and finding them icky. I write MM, FF, and all different types of ménages. Yes these stories may push the envelope, but the characters are all well over the legal age of consent, and all of a similar age to each other. My stories always have a HEA, whereas “incest” stories often don’t. After all, if the man is thirty years older than the woman, and engaging in a lot of acrobatic sex, the chances of him having a heart attack would be rather high.

What do you think about these stories?

My newest release is the MM story, “Cocksure”.

Lloyd is a loner. He doesn’t believe he’ll ever find a partner he can love. So he spends his evenings drinking in gay bars, either getting drunk or going off with a stranger for a fast fuck. But then he meets KC and his world changes.

KC’s not about to let Lloyd harden his heart to the possibilities between them. KC knows Lloyd’s the man for him and he’ll use whatever hot, dirty and sexy persuading he has to in order win his man over.

PG Excerpt

Lloyd met the other man’s gaze and gave the tiniest nod in response to the man’s raised eyebrow. The man was truly sex-on-a-stick. It was too much to hope he’d also be caring. Lloyd had years of experience that told him the good looking ones were always the least interested in pleasuring a partner. They knew they didn’t have to please anyone, because there’d always be people who wanted to please them.

Well, tonight he wanted more than just a quick fuck against a wall in the alley. Tonight he wanted an hour in a bed, at the very least. He might never be worthy of a man’s love, but he would demand a modicum of consideration. Lloyd straightened his shoulders and gave the man a challenging look.

To his surprise the man grinned, then stood up, very obviously rearranging his cock as he did so. The man’s ultra-tight black jeans left nothing to the imagination. His cock was a long, thick ridge stretching the fabric to the limit.

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Amarinda Jones said...

I do not agree with incest stories. It's crossing a line and I do wonder about the authors who actively write them. I feel/know it's more about profit than considering social issues. Sad really...

anny cook said...

I firmly believe that incest stories are popular because they address the "last" taboo...and because incest is the deep dark secret in a high percentage of families. I suspect incest is a fact of life in far more families than most people would believe.

Writing about it? Not my thing. But I can see why it sells well.

Summer Fey Foovay said...

As a victim of incest, I don't find anything about incest stories to be acceptable. The damage done is severe, lifelong, and irreparable.

OTH it sounds like what you are talking about are incest fantasy stories - a Daddy who isn't really Daddy - which is really more of a power exchange (BDSM) sort of role playing than anything to do with actual incest. In this case "Daddy" describes a dom who is more tender and giving than a Master, or Dominant.

But lets call it what it is - because real incest is hell for the victim and every man who has been tempted and may read something like this and think "Oh well it is OKAY to fuck my underage daughter and force her into a life of lies and fear" this may be that last little nudge that lets him justify it to himself.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Summer,
The books I have seen (I don't write them) are all about the fantasy. But I do agree some people seem to have difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality.
Anny, I think you're right, and it happens more than we think.
Amarinda, Thank you for hosting me on your blog.

Dellani Oakes said...

I have to say, they bother me. I have no interest in reading them or writing them. My characters are always close to one another in age, 10 years or less. All above the legal age of consent. I might have a deflowered virgin, but she's always at least 18.