Saturday, 29 October 2011

On at Saturday, I know the following...

- Persistence does pay off
- Don’t listen to nitwits. It just wastes your time
- Women don’t need balls. We have boobs and they are way more powerful
- Sex as a weapon is considered politically incorrect. Says who? Use what you got I say
- Sometimes you just have to read the instructions for no other reason than you can later say ‘but I did read the instructions. Do you think I’m silly?’
- Never say ‘do you think I’m silly’ as you pretty much have answered that question
- Run the Gauntlet is much better than Run the Gantlet. The latter sounds like a bunch of ducks running

- Divas are not always right. I like to point that out to them. You know who you are
- I must get me a duck
- Or some chooks
- The laundry always awaits you on a Saturday morning
- I’m not sure a duck or a chook does
- When all else fails, rely on yourself and know that you will never steer yourself wrong as no one loves you like you do


Sandra Cox said...

OF all the truisms, that Saturday laundry thing heads the list. I try really hard to put it off to Sunday.

anny cook said...

*Snicker* I'm with you on the gauntlet thingy...