Saturday, 15 October 2011

On the road...

I’m off way down south from Cairns to the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise for almost a week, due to work. Before I hit the coast I detour slightly back north to Nambour Hospital to see my father and fight officialdom and a 'no can do spirit.' That is not on when it comes to my family. Not only can we, we will and you'll regret making us do it. Then I swing back south to Surfers for the work gig. Life. It's all swings, roundabouts and knock-down, drag 'em outs, baby.

The Gold Coast is as you would expect. Bikinis, glitz and glamour. I’m not into that. Give me a good old Far North Queensland beach that’s unglamorous and simple – like me – any day. But duty calls and they’re paying so off I go. The blog will not be empty. I’ll wander back and forward and say what I think and some friends are dropping by to give their thoughts.


Sandra Cox said...

Unglamorous and simple? I think not.