Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The suckability of grown-up-dom...

So, I was walking through the shopping centre in my lunch hour with my ulltra healthy salad in hand…sigh…when I came across the cops. One was staked out near the shoe shop and the other was near the sunglass shop and they were both holding walkie-talkies and looking through the glass of those shops at the entrance to Big W (like Kmart). I slowed my steps waiting for action. Nothing. I slowed some more as a bunch of security guys rushed in. More nothing. I came to a complete stop and pretended I was interested in tacky Aussie souvenirs that had ‘Cairns’ spelt incorrectly but then what do you expect of things made in China? Still nothing happening - just men hovering and talking into walkie-talkies. Sadly, I then realized I had to go back to work with my salad and I realized being a grown up sucks.