Friday, 28 October 2011


When asked Barker why there's an option to chase a woman down the street, leapfrog her, punch her in the face then kick her in the groin - he told us it's a war out there.

"I think there's a perfectly good reason as to why people might punch people in the face – there's all kinds of missions," he said.

"We can definitely go down the philosophical rabbit hole, you could ask why Mario does something when he goes to save the Princess," Barker said.

Except that Mario doesn't bash call girls with a giant rubber penis.
"There's all kinds of weapons and we wanted something that was fun and crazy. There's a story to the game that definitely keeps it grounded," Barker said.

Yes, you may say it’s just a dumb game but you have to remember that there are some dumb, naïve, creepy, anti-social people out there whose reality is to play these games and some of them take them so seriously that they mimic what happens in that game in real life. Punching women in the face? Kicking her in the groin? How is this entertainment? And because the woman is labelled as a prostitute? She’s still a woman and a human being and she is not less so because of the job she does.

This is so wrong and anyone who views punching women in the face as just a game has serious issues. As for his ‘philosophical rabbit hole’ one could say he has his head up his arse and his thoughts come from there. Beating women with a 'giant rubber penis'? Where the hell do these people come from?

Violence against women – even in a stupid game – is wrong and unacceptable.


anny cook said...

Absolutely! What's acceptable in a game soon becomes acceptable among the fringe...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I'm with you. Violence against women and children - even in a game - is unacceptable. I know it's a game, but the more you play, the more acceptable the action seems IRL.

Sandra Cox said...

That is so wrong and should not be allowed on the market.
That's a pretty strange idea of a fun/funny game.