Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bone tossing…

So I was feeling a bit down thinking about my younger brother Cameron and that it would have been his 46th birthday today if not for the soul destroying disease of Bi-Polar. And it is a disease that kills many people. Don’t judge or make assumptions until you know…because I don’t think we’ll ever know or understand Bi-polar.

Cameron used to write. We’re a family of scribblers. He was a really excellent writer. A proper writer. He wrote plays. As I often do, I Google his name and the names of his plays. Why? Because those with Bi-polar often don’t think clearly about their rights and legalities. I never find anything – until today. I was gobsmacked to find one of his plays in the Australian National Library. It’s the same play I have a framed wall poster of in my house. I immediately registered to join the library to get that play.

Funny how life throws you a bone when you need it most.

Thanks Cameron.