Monday, 5 December 2011

Something something…

I expect today to be difficult. I've thought about how I will handle it and it's guaranteed to be messy. It always is when I have to speak my mind and explain I simply will not accept less than I believe I am due. Yes. I’m difficult, unusual, an individual, fearless, stupid, amazing and completely justified in all I do. For a second I had a moment of worry about ‘what ifs’ and can I go back to square one yet again. I can - and when has life never had ‘what if’s’ in it? So there. It’s going to be a messy day. And it’s a Monday. The perfect storm.

Oh, and where is my cheque Ellora's Cave? For god sake just bloody pay me what I'm due. It's not rocket science.


anny cook said...

You will do just fine. I have confidence in you!